Fun cuisine in Santiago de Compostela

Courses, camps and birthday parties with Hello Cooking.

Transform any children's celebration into an unforgettable culinary adventure.

We offer fun-filled courses, camps and birthday parties, where children learn to cook simple and delicious dishes. Our classes encourage creativity, teamwork and a love of cooking.

Come to Santiago de Compostela and cook with us!

Cooking camps

Children's camps for cooking, playing and learning

At Hello Cooking we believe that it is essential that children take on tasks and responsibilities related to their own food from a very young age, making this a fun and learning activity that will evolve and develop with them as they grow up.

Encourage them to take part in our children's cooking camps that we offer during all school holiday periods.

Every year at Christmas, Easter and Summer we run these cooking camps for children from 6 years old. Practical cooking workshops in which they prepare their daily menu through games and teamwork, which is then tasted by the whole group once the workshop is over and before going home.

Celebrate an unforgettable birthday

Cook, laugh and enjoy your birthday with us.

We celebrate children's birthdays with a cooking activity: a cooking workshop, a snack and lots of laughter is what we offer at our birthdays.

Baking, pastries, dough, international cuisine, the kids dare with everything and we are delighted to fulfil their wishes!

An end-of-party cake and home with your creations: biscuits, cupcakes, pizzas, lots of options to celebrate an unforgettable birthday in a different way!

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Some of our children's activities

In Hello Cooking, enthusiastic children explored the art of cooking, creating everything from colourful salads to sweet cupcakes. They learned about nutrition and the importance of fresh ingredients, fostering their creativity and practical skills in a fun and safe atmosphere.

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Discover a gastronomic world of cooking skills and nutrition with Hello Cooking.

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Open up a new world for your children: a passion for cooking. Contact us, solve your doubts about our children's activities.