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Discover the kitchen with Hello Cooking.

At Hello Cooking we provide a unique experience combining entertainment, education and gastronomy, satisfying the growing curiosity of those who wish to explore the exciting culinary world.

Our service is designed for those looking to immerse themselves in gastronomy, offering an innovative way to learn, enjoy and delight in cooking.


Discover the kitchen with Hello Cooking.

Thirteen years ago I created Hello Cooking, turning my dream of entrepreneurship in the gastronomic world into a reality.

This dream, born out of my love for cooking and the desire to share my passion with others, was the driving force behind the creation of this space that aims not only to be a place to learn, but also a place to connect with other food lovers. Building a network of amateurs and professionals has been and is the real success of Hello Cooking. For me, the most important thing is to teach with passion, enthusiasm and good humour. Sharing knowledge, tips and secrets with our customers in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere, inspiring them to explore new flavours and culinary techniques.

I can't fail to give thanks on this journey for the love and support of my culinary community, customers, friends and collaborators who have accompanied me on these thirteen years of adventures in the kitchen. 


Our team and their passion for teaching.

At Hello Cooking, a cooking workshop, what I am most proud of is my collaborators, an extraordinary group of people who share their love for gastronomy with our course and workshop participants.

They are passionate and experienced people with a special gift and charisma for teaching.

In our workshop, each one of us plays a fundamental role of learning and discovery and I couldn't be happier and more grateful for your contribution and for accompanying me for so many years!

Karina, Marisol, Liliana, Jano, Maribel, Idalia, thank you very much for being the best travelling companions and for many more years working and laughing together!!!

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