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Gourmet tapas and pinchos competition workshop for company groups

26 February 2024

In our workshop at Finca Montesqueiro, participants from a technology company worked hard to create delicious pinchos and tapas. An innovative way to celebrate after a day's work, demonstrating that we can take our interactive kitchen anywhere.

A few months ago we had the privilege of organising a workshop at the impressive Finca Montesqueiro, an experience which, although demanding, culminated in extraordinary results.

This event brought together an enthusiastic group of employees from a technology company, who embarked on the challenge of creating a variety of pinchos and tapas. The dedication and effort of the participants was evident in every mouthful, culminating in a collective tasting that served as the perfect finishing touch to the day.

Our aim with these workshops is to offer a unique and enriching alternative to celebrate or close business days, congresses or meetings of any kind. The flexibility of our proposal allows us to adapt to different environments, taking our kitchen sets to any requested location. This ensures that each event is fully interactive, allowing all participants to be actively involved in the learning process and culinary enjoyment.

We can hold these events in different locations because, as you can see, we can set up our cooking sets wherever we are called and therefore the activity is totally interactive for all participants. Our adaptability and interactivity are fundamental pillars of our offer, ensuring that each workshop is a memorable and highly rewarding experience for all involved.

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