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Tangerine cake

Christmas Baking Course

27 February 2024

In our Christmas reindeer workshop, we created beautiful cakes and cookies, enjoying a fun and educational experience in the kitchen. Christmas workshops are perfect for learning and having fun!

In our recent workshop, we had the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the Christmas spirit through the art of pastry making, focusing on creating spectacular cakes and cookies with Christmas reindeer motifs. This workshop was not only a showcase of creativity in various formats but also a fantastic way to combine learning with fun.

The participants, guided by pastry experts, transformed simple ingredients into true edible works of art, reflecting the joy and charm of the holiday season.

These highly anticipated Christmas workshops, held every year, have become a wonderful opportunity for people of all ages to enjoy a pleasant time in the kitchen, enhancing their culinary skills while having fun.

The experience was enriching and memorable for all attendees, who not only took their creations to share with loved ones but also unforgettable memories of a day filled with learning and laughter.

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