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Sticky rice with monkfish

Pastry course in four sessions for beginners

27 February 2024

Live a sweet afternoon learning baking! From cookies to cakes, enjoy cooking and take your creations with you. Sign up for our next course in April and become an expert pastry chef!

This is one of our sweetest courses!!!!

Our baking workshop has won the hearts of those passionate about sweets, becoming one of our most charming and long-awaited experiences. Throughout the year, we organize various editions of this course, specially designed for the "most larpeiros", that is, those with a special taste for sweets, who want to start or delve deeper into the art of baking.

During these sessions, participants have the opportunity to explore a variety of basic techniques and simple recipes, ranging from cookies to pies and different types of doughs.

In a relaxed and fun atmosphere, each afternoon becomes a culinary adventure where learning and creativity go hand in hand. Attendees not only gain new knowledge and skills under the guidance of experts, but also enjoy the pleasure of cooking in company. At the end of the course, the satisfaction of taking home your own creations adds a perfect finishing touch to the experience.

We are pleased to announce that the next edition of this sweet course will take place in April. Registration is now open, so we invite you to reserve your place as soon as possible.

Don't miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of baking and take your passion for sweets to new levels!

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