Cooking course for more than novices

Complete cooking course for beginners in 10 sessions

We propose a new edition of our complete cooking course; if you have thought at some point that you could use some classes to get up to date in the kitchen... or expand the recipe book of what you usually do then this is your course!!!

Our courses

Everything you need to know

We offer you a new edition of our Complete Cooking Course.

It would be one day a week for ten weeks and the following groups are available:

  • Group 1: Monday from 17h to 19h.
  • Group 2: Monday from 20h to 22h.
  • Group 3: Tuesday from 17h to 19h.
  • Group 4: Tuesday from 20h to 22h.

The groups will have a maximum of 8 people and will work in pairs. We will provide you with aprons and everything you need to prepare the recipes, which you will take home at the end of the class.

Our courses

Course syllabus

  • Class 1: Broccoli and cheddar soup, chicken and spinach soup, basic broths (chicken, fish).
  • Class 2: Authentic carbonara pasta, spring vegetable pasta, hake and spinach cannelloni.
  • Class 3: Rice with ribs, mushroom and pumpkin risotto, cod rice.
  • Class 4: Huevos rancheros, Spanish omelette, wild asparagus and baby eel scramble.
  • Class 5: Hake in sailor sauce, salmon burgers, baked fish with vegetables and sliced potatoes.
  • Class 6: Sirloin with mushroom sauce, chicken thighs roasted with aromatic herbs, meatloaf.
  • Class 7: Traditional vegetable pisto, baked vegetable cake with cheese, cauliflower tagine with sun-dried tomatoes and black olives.
  • Class 8: White bean salad with tuna and roasted peppers, vegetarian black bean chili, chickpea and pumpkin stew.
  • Class 9: Apple crumble, tiramisu, blueberry muffins.
  • Class 10: Chocolate mousse, lemon and poppy seed cookies, pastry cream and fruit bites.

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