Complete cooking course for beginners in 10 sessions
Workshop Peruvian Cuisine

Cooking course for more than novices

Take a step further in your learning and embark on this course to continue advancing in your gastronomic knowledge. This course is perfect for those who already have some basic cooking skills and want to experiment and learn with new recipes, ingredients and techniques.

Our courses

Everything you need to know

A fully practical 8-session course for those who consider themselves "more than novices".
One class per week, with two groups at the following times:
  • Group 1: from 17.00 to 19.30h.
  • Group 2: from 20.00 to 22.30h.

Our courses

Course syllabus

  • Class 1: Purple ajoblanco, tomato and basil soup, creamy asparagus soup, osmotized miso and pear.
  • Class 2: Vegetable samosas, buddha bowl poké, stir-fried vegetables and chickpeas in a wok.
  • Class 3: Green caprese ravioli, red amatriciana spaghetti, Greek pastitsio.
  • Class 4: Makizushi, shawarma risotto, black rice with cuttlefish.
  • Class 5: Egg rollings, eggs on a plate with Portobello and Iberian ham carpaccio, coral lentils, daikon, and egg.
  • Class 6: Little john dory and prawn rolls, scorpionfish mousse, sea bass ceviche.
  • Class 7: Turkey curry, parmesan-crusted secret cut, glazed rib baos with pickles.
  • Class 8: Madagascar phyllo bonbon, strawberry sabayon, lemon tartlet with blowtorched meringue.

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